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Press Releases – 2011


Brits Count the Cost of DIY Disasters

19th April 2011

With the first Bank Holiday of the year looming, Brits in their droves will turn their minds to home improvements. Perhaps we should, however, think twice before swinging a hammer chez nous. Research by Europe’s leading website for bringing together customers and tradesmen found that DIY disasters cost UK homeowners a staggering £2.1 billion a year*.

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Let’s Find Britain’s Tradesperson of the Year – MyHammer and HSS Hire Launch Nationwide Competition

11th April 2011

It is a time of great opportunity for tradesmen and women. The property market is in freefall and so people look to improve rather than move. Although 60% of Brits plan home improvements this year*, regulations ensure that the layperson can no longer tinker with whatever he fancies. The competent, talented and qualified tradesperson should thrive.

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Call for more ‘Handy Mandys’

6th April 2011

Europe’s largest online tradesman directory and review site, is calling for more women to consider the trades as a career, as new research* suggests 56% of women would prefer to hire a female to do a job in the home if it were possible.

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Recession, What Recession? UK Homeowners Plan Improvements to Keep up Appearances

31st March 2011

Despite a slump in house sales, a survey* by Europe’s leading website for bringing together customers and tradesmen has discovered that 60% of UK homeowners plan to make home improvements this year. 63% of these house-proud Brits are planning an interior facelift with a lick of paint, while 33% have a garden overhaul in mind and over a third intend to fit a new bathroom or kitchen. Almost a fifth are planning bigger projects like loft conversions and extensions.

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“I know a man” – Word of Mouth Leads Way in Which we Choose Home Improvement Experts

28th March 2011

A recent survey of UK home owners has revealed that over half of us would rather take the advice of friends or family when they choose a tradesman with only 30% bothering to check qualifications and a mere 18% valuing membership of trade organisations. The survey* by Europe’s largest online tradesman directory and review site showed that word of mouth is king with 67% citing reputation as the most important factor..

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Women Say No to DIY from Hapless Partners

21st March 2011

According to a survey* by Europe’s leading website for bringing together customers and tradesmen , Britain’s women are calling on their partners to put the toolbox back where they found it. 61% of the women polled by MyHammer think they could be better off calling in a professional, rather than letting their partner loose on DIY jobs around the home. It isn’t just the bigger jobs we need worry about either; 58% of the women surveyed said they could only rely on their partner for the very basic DIY tasks. Top of the list of the jobs women felt their partners could not complete to a good standard were fitting a kitchen (57%) tiling a bathroom (47%), laying flooring (43%) and perhaps most worryingly, replacing a plug socket (34%) and wallpapering (35%).

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Press Releases – 2010


MyHammer wins 13th place at the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA Award 2010

London/Berlin, 26 November 2010

  • MyHammer achieved 4,769% sales growth in 5 years
  • No. 1 on the Deloitte Fast 50 Awards in Germany
  • Average growth rate of 1,192% at Technology Fast 500 EMEA

MyHammer has been ranked 13th in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA at the annual award ceremony held on the 25th November in London. The Technology Fast 500 EMEA ranking comprises of the 500 fastest growing technology companies across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. MyHammer was honoured for its outstanding sales growth of 4,769% from 2005 to 2009. This latest success follows on from the 1st place MyHammer secured in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Awards in Germany this year. Markus Berger-de León, CEO of MY-HAMMER AG, is delighted with the company’s performance “Being in the top 15 of 500 fastest growing technology companies in the EMEA region is huge praise for the now 70 plus members of the MyHammer team. It is real recognition of the hard work that has been put into building the MyHammer service over the past few years. Our business model is absolutely unique and we believe in its capacity for growth beyond Europe’s shores. That’s why we now plan on introducing MyHammer to the US market.”

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MyHammer launches trade services job catalogue

London, 16 November 2010

    • Industry-first ‘Quote Search’ job catalogue to benefit all users
    • Users can now browse the market through before committing
    • Private Quotes consign ‘bid wars’ to the bin
    • Award for outstanding growth in the technology industry
    • MyHammer achieved 4769 percent sales growth in 5 years
    • Also nominated for the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA Award
  • MyHammer users looking to post a job or complete a project can now find quotes on similar jobs and projects to theirs, at the click of a mouse. Users will no longer have to write a job description or contact a tradesman directly to find out what current prices in their area are like. MyHammer users can now search using the quick and easy ‘Quote Search’ feature. With Quote Search, all quotes relevant to a particular search term or within a certain distance will be listed. If a customer needs ‘2 rooms painted’ within a 10 mile radius from SW1, almost 100 quotes will be listed. Each listing will display the quote price, job description and the tradesman’s contact details.

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    MyHammer wins the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award

    London/Berlin, 21 October 2010

    MyHammer won first place at the renowned Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Awards on Thursday, 20th October, in Berlin. The Technology Fast 50 ranking comprises of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Germany. MyHammer was honored for its outstanding sales growth of 4769 percent from 2005 to 2009. Prize winner MyHammer is also nominated for the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA award, which will include the 500 fastest growing technology companies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.Markus Berger-de León, CEO of MY-HAMMER AG, is delighted with the award: “In winning this prestigious award we need to recognize and praise for all 60 MyHammer employees. It confirms our belief that trade services on the internet is a growing market. We are planning to keep the MyHammer growth rate steady in the coming years as well as introducing the business model and its success to other countries such as the U.S.”

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Press Releases – 2009

A 279;

Britain’s Tradespeople Lose Trust in Government”

7th June 2009

One in five tradespeople have considered changing careers

The MyHammer study also revealed the following:

– 73% of tradespeople feel the government is not doing enough to support them
– 39% of those asked find they now have less work with 17% admitting to thinking about a change in career
– 66% of tradespeople have noticed a rise in customers trying to avoid payments
– 57% of tradespeople have noticed that customers are becoming more environmentally aware
– 25% have had to become more competitive to keep their business afloat
– Women in the trade have increased their competitiveness more than the men with 34% of women stating this, against 25% of men

Nearly three quarters [73%] of tradespeople feel that the government is not doing enough to support their business, with almost one in five [17%] admitting to having considered changing careers, according to a survey for online trades and services portal MyHammer.

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9.6 million Brits Now Forced to Improve Instead Of Move

March 2009

Half the UK investing in extensions and decoration instead of changing home

The worsening economy has forced British homeowners to stay put in their properties, and instead they are doing up or extending their home’s size to cope with changes in their family life. The majority [85%] of those questioned for a survey by online trades and services portal, MyHammer, said because of the current economic climate, they would rather make improvements to their home than sell up. It comes despite reassurances that the credit crunch squeeze on mortgage lending could start to ease with the reduction in interest rates and shows the severity of the recession has left UK homeowners contemplating staying in the same place for years. More than half (58%) of those spoken to said they were undertaking or planning home improvements like extra rooms and extensions, and two thirds (69%) acknowledged it was because they have to stay in their existing home for longer than originally thought.

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Tradesmen Finding Employment Online In Economic Crisis

24 February, 2009

Everyday news about the credit crunch and resultant recession seems to get gloomier. The pound is weak against most currencies, house prices are dropping and everyone is tightening their purse strings. Tradesmen and labourers are amongst those who have been hit the hardest. However, a number of resourceful tradesmen have been able to use online resources to beat the crunch.

Tradesmen are now turning to websites such as MyHammer to find work. The website is an online marketplace for tradesmen and people looking for their services. It allows tradesmen to find a large pool of jobs and create a rating based profile. From June to December 2008, 7,153 jobs were awarded to MyHammer tradesmen and these jobs had a combined value of over £200,000.

In January alone, over 1,000 tradesmen found work on MyHammer. Nearly half of those were awarded more than two jobs.

“Despite the credit crunch I’m booked up for months with MyHammer jobs,” says Raymond Lynn of Monray Domestic Services who has been awarded 50 jobs since joining MyHammer and has a 100% customer rating.

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MY-HAMMER AG was voted the 3rd best company at the German Internet price in 2008

11 November, 2008

MY-HAMMER AG was voted the 3rd best company at the German Internet price in 2008. „It’s absolutely fantastic “, said Markus Berger-de León, CEO of MY-HAMMER AG. „… particularly for my colleagues who have worked so hard on improving the platform over the last few months .The prize is proof that we are moving in the right direction. However, it is also a incentive for us to improve further, particularly as we are now under scrutiny, “ said Markus Berger-de León. The marketing director of the DATEV eG, Claus Fesel explained the reason for awarding 3rd place to MyHammer, „ The Business model of MyHammer generates benefits for three different parties: First, the job poster finds suitable tradesmen or service providers quickly and usually saves a lot of money. Secondly, the Tradesman can fill spare capacity as well as reach new customers. And last but not least, the MyHammer itself creates an additional market place and thus new jobs. “ In total more than 300 enterprises from all branches had applied for the ninth edition of the German Internet prize which awards innovative Internet applications every year. The prize for 3rd position was 15,000 euros.After the celebration of the award Markus Berger-de León stated: „We will invest our prize directly in the improvement of our platform. It is our philosophy that the users of MyHammer should profit directly from our innovative Internet application. “

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Ghosts Revel in a Good Re-VAMP

20 October, 2008

How home improvement can upset the spirit level…

Painting and decorating was a far cry from a recent paranormal posting on top trades and services site this week. An unusual job posting asks for a ghosthunter ‘to cleanse my house of unwanted spirits.’ And, according to the London Paranormal Society, ghosts and ghouls are most likely to be disturbed during home improvements, which is why MyHammer has recruited the services of a bona-fide ghost-hunter this Halloween. Ian Shilliot, Director of the London Paranormal Society says: “Not many people are aware, but theories suggest that a sudden explosion of ghostly activity can be increased by building work and refurbishment. Pockets of residual energy or emotion left by previous occupants of the house are released into the ether causing apparitions, auditory phenomena, and possible poltergeist activity. Another more colourful theory suggests a ghost or grounded spirit attached to your home is unhappy with the alterations.”

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Brits Waste Holiday on Dodgy DIY

London, 21st August 2008

Leisure Time Goes Down the Pan as Brits Botch Home Improvement Jobs

A fifth of Brits waste a whopping eight days a year doing DIY – with half of the country admitting they’ve not a clue what they are doing, according to a study by online services portal MyHammer. UK average holiday allowance is only 28 days – so many are wasting nearly a third of this on messing up DIY tasks.

Top five time-wasters:
1. Replacing floors
2. Fitting an electric shower
3. Putting up a new garden fence
4. Painting and decorating
5. Fixing bathroom leaks

It’s not just time we’re wasting; the UK throws away £1,400 a year correcting our DIY mishaps. Women come off worst in the waste stakes, spending £80 each to correct their mistakes compared to the £37 men have to pay to make good their DIY disasters. With August Bank Holiday weekend one of the most popular times for sorting jobs around the home, the poll suggests UK households are throwing away cash by attempting work they should get the professionals in for.

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Hapless Brits Leave DIY Disaster Trail

London, 16th July 2008

When it Comes to the Crunch, Brits Need Experts for Home Improvement

Brits are risking life and limb this summer as they attempt to fix up their homes without the foggiest clue how to do it. More than half of the nation (53%), admit they regularly do DIY jobs around the house when they have no idea what skills are needed or whether it could be dangerous. The shock finding comes from research by new online portal MyHammer, which allows tradesman to provide quotes for work posted online by homeowners across the country.

Households throughout the UK have on average four jobs that need doing at any one time, and with the credit crunch looming, Britons are realising they need to ensure their hard-earned cash is spent wisely. After all the mistakes Brits made, last year the nation forked out over £180million on getting someone in to fix up their mistakes.

And the survey showed one in 10 people are forced to hire a professional to complete their half-hearted efforts. But it’s not just money being wasted, Brits are risking their own health with more than a quarter of blokes cutting and scraping themselves with their tools compared to only 12% of ladies. They are twice as likely to have an accident as women.

Across the country, 15% of fed-up females say they’re waiting for lazy fellas to get the jobs done at home, with five per cent of men admitting they put off the work due to lack of confidence.

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