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  • Industry-first ‘Quote Search’ job catalogue to benefit all users
  • Users can now browse the market through before committing
  • Private Quotes consign ‘bid wars’ to the bin

London, 16 November 2010 – MyHammer users looking to post a job or complete a project can now find quotes on similar jobs and projects to theirs, at the click of a mouse. Users will no longer have to write a job description or contact a tradesman directly to find out what current prices in their area are like. MyHammer users can now search using the quick and easy ‘Quote Search’ feature. With Quote Search, all quotes relevant to a particular search term or within a certain distance will be listed. If a customer needs ‘2 rooms painted’ within a 10 mile radius from SW1, almost 100 quotes will be listed. Each listing will display the quote price, job description and the tradesman’s contact details.

With thousands of new jobs and quotes each day, MyHammer’s new easy Quote Search feature will revolutionise the user experience and lead to benefits for tradesmen and service providers. “We’ve just created the UK’s first comparative database for the building and service’s sectors”, explains Gerrit Mueller, MyHammer’s COO and General Manager International, “Internet users can now compare quotes from tradespeople and service providers in the same way they have been doing it for years in online retail.” The new function is set to create increased transparency in the all too murky quoting process in the building and service sectors. Job estimates will be published for all to see, wherever the region or whoever is offering services.*

Tradesmen are also set to benefit as each featured quote submitted on MyHammer can be viewed by tens of thousands of users.** Featured Quotes both advertise a tradesman’s business and allows the quoter to contact the user directly. If a tradesperson would prefer to keep a quote under wraps, then the standard Private Quote option means that only the job poster can see the quote. With this option, MyHammer hopes to help tradespeople to maintain a competitive edge when submitting a bid and to prevent so-called ‘bidding wars’ between service-providers.*** Private Quotes will not however provide a refuge for cowboys as each quoter’s qualifications will be revealed for all to see, “That’s how we safeguard MyHammer’s trademark quality assurance and transparency”, explains Gerrit Mueller.

The new quote options are a direct response to concerns raised after lengthy consultation with tradesmen, as Mueller confirms, “The new quote structure addresses the individual needs of tradespeople and service-providers, while at the same time opening new channels for contractors to generate more business and win new customers”.


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