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One in five tradespeople have considered changing careers

The MyHammer study also revealed the following:

– 73% of tradespeople feel the government is not doing enough to support them
– 39% of those asked find they now have less work with 17% admitting to thinking about a change in career
– 66% of tradespeople have noticed a rise in customers trying to avoid payments
– 57% of tradespeople have noticed that customers are becoming more environmentally aware
– 25% have had to become more competitive to keep their business afloat
– Women in the trade have increased their competitiveness more than the men with 34% of women stating this, against 25% of men

7th June 2009 – Nearly three quarters [73%] of tradespeople feel that the government is not doing enough to support their business, with almost one in five [17%] admitting to having considered changing careers, according to a survey for online trades and services portal MyHammer.

Tradespeople were quizzed about how they’re finding business in the current climate, with more than a third [39%] of all tradespeople claiming to have less work on due to the recession.

Adding insult to injury, over half [66%] of tradespeople noticing a boost in people trying to avoid paying them for completed work, making it increasingly difficult to stay afloat.

As over half [57%] of respondents see an increase in homeowners’ environmental awareness, green-proofing is also affecting the industry. In fact, knowledge of environmental products and installation is now seen as being more valuable than building skills or handyman know-how. A quarter [24%] of those asked have had to become more competitive in the way they run their business, with plumbing being one of the most desirable expertises to add to a skill-set.

When it comes to managing a business in a credit crunch it seems the ladies have the competitive edge. Whilst more female tradespeople say that they now have less work [43% of women compared with 38% of men], it seems women are taking the initiative to win that work back, with more admitting to becoming more competitive [34%] than men [25%].

Bob Swift, MyHammer’s UK Director, comments: “With the decline in new-build projects, tradespeople such as builders have been relying largely on renovation work. At MyHammer we see lots of professionals creating profiles in order to help market their business, as well as consumers who post jobs to get a fair deal in a volatile market. Putting the process through this online portal encourages transparency in the market and ensures that everyone is happy with the process, whether that’s as a trader or a consumer. Consumers also have the chance to feedback on the tradespeople they hire which creates a community of trusted tradespeople on the site.”

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