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How home improvement can upset the spirit level…

20th October, 2008 – Painting and decorating was a far cry from a recent paranormal posting on top trades and services site this week. An unusual job posting asks for a ghosthunter ‘to cleanse my house of unwanted spirits.’ And, according to the London Paranormal Society, ghosts and ghouls are most likely to be disturbed during home improvements, which is why MyHammer has recruited the services of a bona-fide ghost-hunter this Halloween.

Ian Shilliot, Director of the London Paranormal Society says: “Not many people are aware, but theories suggest that a sudden explosion of ghostly activity can be increased by building work and refurbishment. Pockets of residual energy or emotion left by previous occupants of the house are released into the ether causing apparitions, auditory phenomena, and possible poltergeist activity. Another more colourful theory suggests a ghost or grounded spirit attached to your home is unhappy with the alterations.”

To ensure any home improvement work you’ve carried out hasn’t disturbed any unwanted spirits, simply follow these tips from MyHammer:

• Doors mysteriously opening & closing on their own or objects falling over
• Major internal character changes in a house, such as the removal of walls has been known to cause paranormal disturbance. However, this could be caused by nearby underground trains, heavy traffic, local earthquakes or other seismic activity. Subsidence could also be the cause – get in touch with a surveyor to check.

• Things that go bump in the night
• If you’ve had a new central heating system installed, the pipes can expand and retract as the temperature cools down, which can trigger strange noises. To put your mind at rest, get in touch with a plumber to check your heating system.

• Feeling an unseen presence
• The electrics in your house could be giving off a high electrical magnetic field, known to cause symptoms associated with haunting such as feeling sick, lethargy and a heightened sense of anxiety. A ghosthunter or electrician can check the readings with an EMF (Electromagnetic Field Recorder).

• Spooky gusts of wind and cold spots
• Enlist the help of a builder to check your windows or doors if you’ve recently had them replaced as they may be causing draughts that manipulate the air flow. Even with radiators on full blast, cold spots can appear to linger.

Once you’ve investigated and none of the above can explain the going’s on, the London Paranormal Society has some advice:

• Don’t panic – fear of the unknown can blur the borders of reality
• If you see an apparition, talk to it and see if it replies. Go to the local studies library and research your building to see if you can find any connections with the ghost and the history of your property
• Validated paranormal activity is rare, if you think your house is haunted, be rational in your thinking because in the light of day, things can appear very different UK Representative, Robert Swift says: “As it appears there can be a link between home improvement and paranormal activity, we want to arm our customers with the advice they need to get the situation resolved. With Halloween just around the corner, we’re expecting more ghostly postings on the site – but the good news is, we’re here to help!” is free to use and houses details of hundreds of registered tradesmen ranging from builders and plumbers to wood chippers, and the London Paranormal society is the latest addition to its customer base. With tradesmen posting their quotes competitively to secure the work, consumers can expect to save up to 30%!

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