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Leisure Time Goes Down the Pan as Brits Botch Home Improvement Jobs

London, 21st August 2008 – A fifth of Brits waste a whopping eight days a year doing DIY – with half of the country admitting they’ve not a clue what they are doing, according to a study by online services portal MyHammer. UK average holiday allowance is only 28 days – so many are wasting nearly a third of this on messing up DIY tasks.

Top five time-wasters:
1. Replacing floors
2. Fitting an electric shower
3. Putting up a new garden fence
4. Painting and decorating
5. Fixing bathroom leaks

It’s not just time we’re wasting; the UK throws away £1,400 a year correcting our DIY mishaps. Women come off worst in the waste stakes, spending £80 each to correct their mistakes compared to the £37 men have to pay to make good their DIY disasters. With August Bank Holiday weekend one of the most popular times for sorting jobs around the home, the poll suggests UK households are throwing away cash by attempting work they should get the professionals in for.

The average pad has four DIY tasks that need doing according to, a website that allows tradesman to bid for work being auctioned by homeowners. But 35 per cent of lazy blokes admitted they’ve just not got around to the work, with 30 per cent of women feeling the same. And a quarter of people who started home improvements say they gave up after running out of money.

Bob Swift, UK Representative for MyHammer, said: „It’s shocking to find that with relatively little holiday allowance we’re prepared to waste all our time off attempting DIY, only to find it doesn’t work out due to our lack of skills. We want to encourage people to treat their homes to some professional care and hire experts to carry out any jobs that need completing this Bank Holiday.“

Painting and decorating is the country’s biggest chore hated by a fifth of those polled with clearing the gutters, sorting out the garden and laying floors just behind. The survey also revealed a quarter of fellas have had an accident doing DIY with one in 10 needing hospital treatment for their injury.

More than half of the nation admit they attempt tasks without knowing what they are doing with one in four blokes cutting or hurting themselves using a tool, seven per cent falling off a ladder, six per cent being electrocuted and 1 in 20 flooding the room they were working in. Another three per cent have fallen through a ceiling or floor.

Shockingly, a third of households don’t check the qualifications of tradesmen and women who quote them for work, while two per cent choose theirs if they drive a nice van and one per cent worryingly base their skills on whether they are good looking or not.

MyHammer works like a mix between an online auction and social network connecting people who need stuff doing to tradesmen and women who want the job. It encourages full transparency within the trades and services sector, and can lead to savings of up to 30% compared to traditional methods of appointing tradesmen. The free, easy to use portal puts consumers in touch with a broader range of skilled workers and grows the quantity of jobs available to tradesmen for tender. From putting up shelves to fitting a whole new kitchen, MyHammer is the one-stop-shop for any home improvement job.

Go to to try out the beta version.

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