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Below are some frequently asked questions about the new Private Quoting and Featured Quoting.

What is a ‘Private Quote?’
Up until now all quotes have been visible to the public – both to tradesmen and to customers irrespective of whether they are members of MyHammer. A Private Quote means it is only visible to the tradesman who makes it and to the customer whose job has been quoted on. The idea behind this is to avoid quoting wars whereby tradesmen persistently undercut each other in a bid to win the job on price which is unfair to the professionals and makes for a poorer service.

What is a ‘Featured Quote?’
A ‘Featured Quote’ is a quote that appears publicly – both to other tradesmen and to potential customers irrespective of whether they are members of MyHammer or not. The tradesman’s profile is also published along with the quote, showing all ratings and qualifications, etc. To post a Featured Quote and reveal your profile to thousands of customers there is a small fee. Pay the fee and you will also receive the customer’s details, provided they consent. When a customer sees a Featured Quote he or she can also request a quote from the respective tradesman directly.

How much will a Featured Quote cost?
The cost of a Featured Quote is calculated dynamically according to the starting price of the job, the tradesman’s ratings, quotes and how active the tradesman is. The more active you are, the cheaper the Featured Quote fee will be. The Featured Quote fee is payable before your quote is submitted.

Where will Featured Quotes be shown?
Tradesmen, customers and non-registered users can see the Featured Quotes wherever jobs are visible on the website. To make Featured Quotes even more visible, we have also introduced an amazing new Quote Search feature where current quotes can be shown when a user searches for them. Enter the job type in the search bar and you will find quotes for similar jobs in your area. This will help to give both tradesmen and customers an idea of the prices and quality available at MyHammer. If a customer or tradesman generally browses jobs, they will also see Featured Quotes and the profiles of tradesmen using the new feature.

What is a Quote Search?
A Quote Search is designed for customers who want to look for jobs similar to their own in order to get an idea for what kind of job description they should write, what sort of price they should enter and what qualifications they should expect tradesmen and service providers to have. When someone browses through similar jobs, they will also be able to see the tradesman’s profile including contact details, ratings, qualifications etc.

Who can see Featured Quotes?
Customers, tradesmen and members of the general public who are not members of MyHammer can see Featured Quotes.

Who can see Private Quotes?
Private Quotes are only visible to the tradesman who made the quote and the customer whose job has been quoted on.

Can I change the quote type submitted?
Once a quote has been made it is not possible to change the quote type, i.e. if you choose a Private Quote you cannot subsequently change to Featured Quote and take advantage of the benefits.

Do normal fees still apply?
The normal 6% fee applies to all jobs which have been won. When you place a Featured Quote, there is a small fee which is payable before the quote can be submitted. You will also see the fee which is due if the quote is indeed successful.

Can I place two Featured Quotes on the same job?

You can, but it would be considered a new quote, so you will pay for each Featured Quote submitted. A carefully considered Featured Quote should not need to be revised. The Featured and Private quote options are devices to prevent bidding wars. The customer will have the details and can request to contact the tradesman if desired. Don’t forget to ask a question or ask for more information from the customer to help you make the right quote.


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