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Imagine having a home that knows when you’re coming home and switches the heating on to ensure the house is the optimum temperature. Just before you pull up in the drive the external lights come on and as you walk towards the door it unlocks remotely providing you with keyless entry. You then enter the kitchen, and as you do, the lights turn on automatically and the kettle begins to boil. It sounds like science fiction, doesn’t it?

It’s not, this is the world of the intelligent home and it is available right here and right now. Intelligent homes, or home automation as it is also commonly known uses a whole host of cutting edge technologies to not only make your life easier by anticipating your needs and responding to them, it is also a great energy saving technology that’s easily fitted during new build and or refurbishment. So, let’s get an idea of some of the great ways that intelligent home technology can be applied to the average house.

One of the primary benefits of intelligent controls comes in the form of lighting controls. Intelligent lighting controls allow home owners total control over their entire home’s lighting from one device, remotely if required.

Such technology allows users the opportunity to control when a building’s lighting turns on and off, dimming, remote security lighting, lighting colour and a whole array of other options. This can all be done from within the home or completely remotely through a smart phone. It’s amazing technology that provides notable benefits for the home.

The same technology can also be utilised for security. As we hinted at in the lighting section, home automation allows users to control lights via mobile phone apps remotely. This removes the need for light timers and other outdated practices. In addition to this, home automation can also be used for complex security tasks.

For instance, a smart phone linked to cameras in the home can be used for 24/7 monitoring of the building and surrounding area. All feeds can be easily made available on the mobile device and are completely visible from anywhere in the world. Alarms can be set and monitored remotely and any triggers can be ordered to set to send an alarm or message to the phone.

Of course, heating can also be monitored, turned on and off and also temperatures can be adjusted up and down with this technology. This can all be done remotely and many systems even monitor trends and patterns to do so automatically with time. This solution means that setting timers manually, let alone coming home to a cold home are a thing of the past. Once more this technology can be monitored, changed and adjusted via easy to use smart phone or tablet apps and software.

Do you want to open and close doors, shut blinds or open and close locks remotely – smart homes can control each and every element of a building’s locks and security. Doors can be opened and operated remotely to allow people to check the property when you’re away and there’s no need for locks. A phone can be set up to lock and unlock doors, simply by being in proximity to the entrance itself and what once seemed like the stuff of science fiction is now a simple everyday reality.

Home automation and intelligent building can be utilised to add a new dimension to your home and for many of us it’s an affordable and impressive reality that can change the way we live.


Paul Murphy is a Director at Intecho Ltd which is a leading provider of intelligent building technologies, home automation systems and audio-visual solutions. Paul is an experienced systems integrator with a wealth of experience within many sectors. Specialising in intelligent building technologies managing lighting, heating and cooling within the high-end residential ,commercial, industrial and hotel sectors.


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