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There are many different options available when it comes to accurately cutting metals. Each option offers advantages and disadvantages, but the one which has advanced the most in recent years is laser cutting.

Here are the reasons why laser cutting is the best choice for your business:

Laser cutting allows more precise cuts than more traditional cutting methods. The finish is always perfect and doesn’t require any further sanding or cleaning. Using a laser cutter will allow you to make more intricate cuts than traditional cutting or plasma cutting.

Laser cutting uses considerably less power than comparable plasma cutters. This translates to massive savings over time. Unlike a traditional cutting tool, a laser cutter will not wear out during the cutting process. This saves money on replacement parts. Because there is no wear, each piece that is cut will be identical.
Laser cutters are surprisingly much cheaper than water cutting. The setup costs are lower if you are planning on buying your own machine. Hiring a company to cut your materials using laser cutting instead of water could be half the price.

Reduced contamination
The process used in laser cutting produces less contaminants. As long as the workspace is well ventilated, then risk to workers is virtually non existent. Laser cutters run at a significantly lower temperature than plasma cutters.

Speed and accuracy
Because there is no degradation in the cutting tools, there is nothing to do except for basic maintenance. Laser cutters are quick to set up, and so they are perfect for small production runs.
Fast cutting and loading speeds allow more material to be cut in less time.

As you can see, laser cutting provides many benefits. Using a laser cutter, you will be able to quickly create prototypes of your products, then quickly begin production if you like the results.

Does anyone have any other reasons why laser cutting is superior to other methods available?


This piece was written by Mark Enright, a writer for Laser Process, experts in laser cutting services.


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