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Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when selecting a tradesman or service provider:

1. Get Planning
The first step in finding the right tradesman for your job is to be proactive. Once you’ve got a project in mind, take a few moments to think about how involved it will be. Whether it’s a repair or a build, you should provide as much information to the potential tradesman as possible and be realistic with your budget. Do your best to help them understand what needs to be done and be clear regarding your expectations.  If you have pictures or building plans, include them.  A good tradesman will want to know as much as possible about your job, in order to give you the fairest quote possible.

2. Research and Compare
Once you’ve posted your job, it’s important that you compare quotes. At MyHammer, we do our best to keep the cowboys out. You can help by taking a few moments to examine the profiles of tradesman who have quoted on your job. Take a look at not only their reviews, but also their insurance documents, specialisations, and accreditations. Remember: the lowest quote is not necessarily the best one.

3. Ask Questions
Visit the forum and get any questions you may have cleared up right away (for example – find out whether or not a company that has quoted on your job uses sub-contractors).

4. Safeguard Yourself
Always award your job over the website! This is your contract and as such, it’s your protection against cowboys.  Once the job has been carried out, please take a few moments to leave a quick review. It takes only a moment of your time, but ensures that the good guys stand out and sends the other guys packing!


Need a tradesman? From hanging shelves to changing a gas cap, TV repair to complete kitchen refits – MyHammer tradesmen and women can do it all! Find the perfect handyman for your job now!

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