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Our customers use MyHammer because it takes the hassle out of finding a reliable tradesmen. They can get mutliple quotes quickly, check qualifications and look at customer ratings.

So then what can you do to improve the chance of winning a job?

Paul Hayes of 'Automation Electric' has 91 Ratings

1) Have a complete and detailed profile

If your profile description contains one sentence, rightly or wrongly, a customer will assume that this less than thorough approach to your profile will be reflected in your work. Take the time to fill out your profile. The more a customer knows about you the more they will be inclined to trust you. Also remember to spell check – you’d be amazed how many customers will take it in to consideration when choosing a builder.

2) Make sure ratings are up to date

If you side step the website when winning work you cannot be rated. The single most important factor for customers is your ratings. It’s word of mouth but from people they don’t know. The most successful tradesmen on the site have great ratings. So encourage the customer to accept the quote over the site and then chase them for a rating.

3) Upload Qaulifications

Customers want to know that you are qualified to complete their work. If your profile is complete with all your qualification this will provide peace of mind and confidence.

4) Upload photos of your work

Nothing speaks louder than customers actually seeing your previous work. Take the time to upload a few photos of your work. Maybe even think about some before and after pictures. We will even feature them on our blog here so do let us know.

5) Communicate  -good communication is key.

Take the time to read the job description and send a tailored response. If a customer thinks that you have taken the time to think about your quote they are more likely to accept it. Spamming every job within a 20 mile radius is counter productive.

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